We offer staking for all games and limits. The stable is split into 3 sections: small, mid and high stakes, each with their own dedicated coach and Skype group where horses are free to discuss strategy amongst themselves and with the coaches.

We’re also open to staking only deals and are always looking to buy pieces of people in single MTTs such as EPTs, COOPs etc.


Yes! We want all of our horses to succeed at the highest limits so there are always opportunities to progress through the limits.

Our coaches:

Henrik aka Like_a_Fox / BaDoBiDoBiDo

Henrik is one of the best in the world at HU and 6/9max NLH. He can be seen playing as high as $500/$1,000 shallow-stack cash games on 888 (both HU and 6max) as well as the high stakes 20bb CAP games on Stars. He also boasts a WSOPe bracelet for $175,310 in addition to a final table in event #1 of this year’s $1,050 SCOOP for $57,700.

Henrik will spend his time coaching the high stakes and mid-stakes players.


Stevesmobs is currently playing high stake cash and MTTs full-time. He has been playing all forms of NLHE with success up to the highest stakes. In 2014 he made SNE playing hyper 6max SNGs up to $1ks. Since late 2015 stevesmobs focuses mainly on cash games and has had great results right from the beginning. He is very allround and has a great knowledge about the differences between the formats. Stevesmobs will be coaching low and midstakes players.


Results total


  • We stake for all games and limits so there’s no cap on how high you can go!
  • Profit chops are allowed any time you’re in profit
  • All horses get access to our HUDs, charts, video library and forum
  • 24/7 Skype contact with myself and the coaches as well as access to the stable Skype chat where you can discuss strategy and sweat deep runs with other horses and the coaches.
  • Many of our horses form long lasting friendships and have subsequently met up at live events or for vacations
  • Possibility to join a number of temporary grind houses we plan to host in thefuture